Grounded pioneers

Mattro stands for reliable, clean and quiet electric mobility off the highway. In our Mattro Vehicles division, we build fully electric and powerful special vehicles with caterpillar drive in our technology forge in Schwaz in Tyrol. Part of the international HAWE Group since 2019.
With high quality and design standards and above all for the open countryside. At Mattro Engineering, we transform fossil machines and special vehicles into pure electric vehicles. We provide the energy for this ourselves, both here and there: With the flexible and proven battery system of Mattro Battery & Components.
Our heart beats for technology in the passionate beat of rock'n'roll. We realise the vision of electrically driven mobility far from the road in the rough terrain that is part of the basic equipment of our alpine home Tyrol. We belong to Schwaz am Inn, where we are digging through the valley for the gold of the climate-neutral future in the huts of the former silver mine on the Alte Landstraße: Emission-free freerides on silent caterpillars.


The pride and joy of our Vehicles Division is the ROVO 2: a fully electric and radio-controlled carrier platform on tracks. The ROVO 2 is absolutely all-terrain, incredibly agile and manoeuvrable, tough to handle and up to 30 km/h fast. The Mattro battery system with an exchangeable battery and two electric motors provide the drive power. Together with the CAN bus interface, this makes it an immensely versatile and versatile carrier chassis that every developer will enjoy. Both in special vehicle construction and in prototype development at express speed. If you use the appropriate know-how, the ROVO 2 also quickly transforms into an autonomous vehicle or follows gestures. Even though we designed it as a driverless vehicle, with a driver's seat and joystick it becomes an unconventionally navigable vehicle.
The Rovo 2


In the long years of research and development as well as manufacturing, we have not only acquired extensive knowledge about the battery itself. We also see and understand the battery in its systemic interaction with the vehicle design and the electric motor. With this understanding, we never view our energy packs in isolation, but always as part of a larger whole. With this in mind, we not only deliver a high-quality, reliable and durable power pack with the Mattro Energy Pack, but also ensure the optimal compatibility of the battery and the overall system.
Battery & components


We are anything but a classic engineering office: We come from a practical background. While we appreciate the value of sound calculations, beautiful renderings and elegant simulations, the only authority for their correctness is the reality of the application. With a love of practicality and a pull towards the goal, we electrify the vehicles and mobile machines of manufacturers on a project-by-project basis who have previously relied on combustion engines. As a rule, we develop prototypes that are quite close to series production, and we are happy to perfect them until they are ready for series production.