Our history

In the speed rush of technical development, we are moving away from our founding moment with increasing torque. Nevertheless, we take our history with us, because it contains our DNA and our future. It, our story, begins with the longing of all those who like to travel in open alpine terrain: With the longing for speed and freedom.
These are the attributes with which the automotive industry sells its artefacts without necessarily living them themselves. The date display on Alois Bauer's computer shows the year 2005, when it finally became too monotonous for the trained vehicle builder and born free spirit in his job at a supplier company.
Instead of continuing to spin the hamster wheel of up to three-year project durations for the development of a trim strip, the versatile technician from Schwaz is setting up his own business with Mattro. He is interested in off-road special vehicles, as they are often needed in the often impassable Tyrol. Soon, as part of a consortium of companies, we ourselves are involved in the development of an off-road vehicle which, out of design necessity, has a diesel-fuelled electric drive. Instead of a four-wheel drive, the "Steinbock" will have four electric wheel hub motors to save space.
One project further on, Mattro is working on a robotically operated exchangeable battery system for electric cars. In the process, our founder's one-person company is also one of the very first in Austria and beyond to acquire solid knowledge in battery construction for emission-free mobility - a discipline hardly older than ourselves.
By persevering, Mattro develops into a battery specialist who creates one of the application areas for the increasingly powerful rechargeable batteries himself: with the "Ziesel", a battery that can be used in a wide range of applications.
a fully electric caterpillar vehicle is created in an infinitely complex development process. At first in the garage at home, then in the company's own premises in the industrial halls where the silver from the Schwaz mine used to be smelted.
As a bold crossover construction of an electric single-seater, the Ziesel makes it to television fame in Stefan Raab's show "Schlag den Raab" (Beat Raab) in 2014: The race of half a dozen "Ziesel" drivers on a course in Cologne sparks such interest in the "Ziesel" while the show is still on that the Mattro website goes down to its knees within minutes under the requests. The YouTube video of the show reaches over 600,000 views.
Instead of taking a siesta on our laurels, after a lot of hard work we manage to pull off a technical masterpiece: our "gopher" even drives on the road with a licence!
Not only because capital is a scarce commodity in every start-up, we also electrify other people's special vehicles in parallel with an increasing number of staff within the scope of constantly challenging engineering projects. The "Ziesel" also attracted the attention of the Swiss manufacturer Aebi. On their behalf, we electrify a hay loader suitable for steep slopes.
Elsewhere, great technical successes do not yet bring us the hoped-for financial gain. We spend ourselves in the permanent balancing act between development and production and do not have our heads and calendars free enough for the commercial and organisational tasks.
In 2018, we pull the emergency brake and choose the exit strategy of insolvency, in which we shut down Mattro for a fresh start. We press the reset button in May 2019 together with the HAWE Group from Munich, which specialises in hydraulics, with whom we agree on a joint future:
As Part of the HAWE Group we now also have free access to exquisite hydraulics know-how and the wind of a corporate sales force in our sails. In return, we put HAWE under power where electrification is needed.
We ourselves have reorganised ourselves in the reset and neatly divided our work and business into the divisions Engineering (Head: Marco Bauer), Battery & Components (Head: Martin Berger) and Vehicles (Head: Benjamin Knaus).

The rest will be history.