Our all-electric affair of the heart

Our heart beats for reliable, clean and quiet electric mobility off highway. We build fully electric and powerful special vehicles with caterpillar drive primarily for open terrain. Even when it is rough and impassable. Like in many places in Tyrol, where we come from. As if that were not enough, we also electrify fossil special vehicles and work machines in our technology forge: in the service of fellow developers and renowned manufacturers such as Kässbohrer, Liebherr or BOSCH. With the experience of more than 15 years of pioneering work and several hundred self-built 100% electric off-road vehicles.
We are what we can be. Conversely, we can do what we are: Vehicles, Engineering, Battery & Components. Beyond premium technical quality, we also attach great importance to good design. We belong to the very small number of those in Europe who can do the whole vehicle. From the design to the energy source to the control system. And we belong to the even smaller number of those who have been involved in our rapidly developing industry since the noughties. More precisely, since 2006, even before electromobility went through the roof. In this time we have made it from a start-up in the garage to membership of the HAWE Group. And without losing our carefree and open spirit. As a team we are mechatronics engineers and mechanics, electrical engineers and physicists, mechanical engineers and software developers, metalworkers and industrial designers. With and without diplomas. That's how we are what we are: The pioneers of special vehicle electrification in Austria.
We follow our path as we believe. We stay the course, even when the terrain becomes difficult. In doing so, we are practical. And pragmatic. We know the value of clean calculations and precise plans. But we also know the truth of proverbs and give preference to trial and error over study. Because there is no higher authority for the correctness of data than reality.

Failure is the basis of our success, because every mistake makes another attempt possible and with every attempt we get a little closer to the goal. This spirit connects us. With each other and with the people and companies with whom we have the privilege of working together. As what we are: Mattro. The pioneers of special vehicle electrification in Austria.