Mattro Rovo 2

The compact powerhouse

The MATTRO ROVO 2 is a fully electric drive system on tracks, developed for off-highway use. The mature and powerful technology offers the optimal basis for building a prototype up to a series vehicle (ROV).

Versatile in application.

The ROVO 2 was specially designed with regard to its variable set-up options and its configurability in hardware and software.
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Fat Features

Compact power pack

The performance data make the ROVO 2 to the top of its class. With the in-house battery pack, it is enduring and highly resilient at the same time. Due to its compact dimensions and low weight, transport to the place of use is no problem either.

Versatile hardware

From agricultural use to search & rescue to inspection or use in hazardous areas: choose your perfect configuration from various options. ROVO 2. Numerous interfaces, the well thought-out preparations for attachments and superstructures, the power supply and accessories ex works will accommodate your project.

Robust construction

The ROVO 2 was developed for off-highway use and thus for maximum resilience. Both the hardware components and the software systems with high intrinsic safety have already proven themselves in extreme use. At the same time, the sprung chassis and the precise manoeuvrability ensure very sensitive manipulation.

Mature system

Its sophisticated design and numerous interfaces in hardware and software make the ROVO 2 the ideal platform for rapid prototyping. The professional components and the power electronics designed to automotive standards are at the same time an indispensable basis when it comes to the series production of your Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV).

Base Configurations

Rovo 2 - Performance

Highest speed and smooth running
Road dozers - 30 km/h top speed - low vibration
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Rovo 2 - Heavy Duty

Highest off-road capability and payload
Off-road crawlers - 500 kg load capacity - 6,000 Nm tractive force
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Competent Components


High-voltage system and power electronics according to ECE R100, high intrinsic safety. Built with automotive-grade hardware components. Internal/external communication via CAN bus system.


Precise drive control with four selectable drive programmes. Radio remote control with display, joystick and control buttons. Interface for external control via CAN bus implemented.


Construction of high-strength steel S460MC, double powder-coated. Base plate protected with 3 mm aluminium. Equipment rack with universal hole grid including screw-on devices for attachments and superstructures.

Energy supply

In-house lithium-ion battery with 100 V nominal voltage and 8.8 kWh capacity, design as exchangeable battery. Integrated battery management system and integrated heating.


Tracked vehicle with double wishbone suspension with Bilstein shock absorber and Eibach coil spring. Aluminium track carrier with Robalon wheels with replaceable ball bearings. Solid rubber tracks with variable tread depth.

Caterpillar drive

Motor-gear unit with brushless disc synchronous motor combined with planetary gear. Integrated electric permanent magnet safety brake with hill-holder function.

Autonomous or self-controlled?

We deliver the ROVO 2 with radio remote control as standard.
With the appropriate know-how, it is easy to turn the ROVO 2 into the autonomous vehicle or convert it to Gesture control to be laid out.
The same applies to the modification to an all-terrain vehicle with Driver's seat and joystick control. If you want to convert your ROVO 2 accordingly, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our partners who will do it for you.

100% Made in Tyrol

Battery system

The Carrier chassis for special vehicle construction

For all special vehicle manufacturers with a heart for electromobility off highway, we supply the ROVO 2 a versatile carrier chassis suitable for series production. With a powerful drive and zero CO2 emissions. The ROVO 2 is the agile chassis on which anything can be mounted that weighs no more than half a tonne and serves the desired vehicle purpose. There are hardly any limits to the technical imagination.


Through the combination with different hardware, the ROVO 2 to what it should be for you: With the camera system to the dolly. With the carrying basket to the transporter. With the gripper arm to the handler. With the extinguishing ball to the fire truck. With the light to the inspection vehicle in the dark. We are excited to see what you can do with the ROVO 2 that we would never have thought of.

Universalists Under power

Mattro stands for reliable and clean electric mobility off the highway.
In our division Mattro Vehicles we build fully electric and powerful special vehicles with caterpillar drive in our engineering workshop in Schwaz in Tyrol. With high quality and design standards and above all for open terrain.
At Mattro Engineering we transform fossil machines and special vehicles from small excavators to snow groomers into pure electric vehicles.
We provide the energy for this ourselves, both here and there: With the flexible and proven battery system of the Mattro Battery & Components.